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I've been attending the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" since I can remember as a little kid. I remember a picture of me with a clown and the Channel 4 WCCCO helicopter by the bridge ramp going to the Grandstand. I decided to do a photo gallery of my experience with friends, family, and love ones overall at this annual event-"The Minnesota State Fair"....

{Photo Gallery}


  • Fairgoers deal with record-breaking heatka 6:43 PM, Aug 25, 2013

  • "


  • State Fair insists ride is safe despite problems

  • "For the second straight day, the ride Stratosphere got stuck with riders on it. It won't reopen until at least Saturday."

  • Stratosphere ride reopens at Minn. State Fair 9:07 PM, Aug 25, 2012 Written by KARE 11 Staff Writer

  • "FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. -- After two days of trouble, the Stratosphere ride at the Minnesota State Fair is back in operation. The ride reopened just after 8 p.m. Saturday after operators received the go ahead from the State Fair ride inspector. ....


    "I had an unfortunate experience today. I went to the Minnesota State Fair . The primary reason I go is to eat all the food I shouldn't be eating. One of my favorites is the pork chop on the stick. My first stop was at Peterson's Pork Chops. I only had a $100 bill. The cashier told me that they weren't accepting $100 bills because there had been a lot of counterfeit $100 bills at the fair. I said cool and borrowed the money from my friend and paid. While waiting in line for my pork chop I noticed the cashier accepting a $100 from a white man. Of course I got upset. I asked for an explanation from another person working at the booth and she couldn't give me one. So, I got even more heated. I told the woman I was speaking with to get the manager or owner. She went in the back and got the owner. The owner came out and I told him what happened. He explained that he had instructed the cashiers not to take $100 bills because there had been counterfeits reported at the fair. I said fine and asked him to explain why it is that she took a $100 bill from the white man. The owner asked to see my bill. He looked at it and said its a real $100 bill. I asked him again to explain why my bill wasn't accepted and why the white man's was. He said maybe the cashier didn't think my bill looked real. At that point my friend informed him that the cashier never looked at my bill just my face. I told the owner to break my $100 bill. He pulled out his wallet and gave me $20 bills. I took my money and left. The experience tainted my time at the fair. So, much for being in a post-racial society and for the "Great Minnesota Get To Together."-Anonymous (Saturday, August 25th 2012)


    -Horticulture Building

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    (2010 Photo Gallery)

    Day #1-Thursday, August 26th 2010

    "Adventure Park"-Minnesota State Fair on Aug 26th 10'

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    Day #2-Friday, August 27th 2010

    Other Videos:

    Minnesota State Fair - Choo Choo Bob's 8/26/2010

    *see Financial: Rail, Trains, etc....

    Minnesota State Fair Sky Glider - August 26, 2010

    Dazzle at the Minnesota State Fair 2010

    Minnesota State Fair Talent Show 2010

    "11 year old kid sing Hallelujah and brings people to their feet!"

    {2009 Photo Gallery}

    I went with my mom, sister, and niece this year...


    2007 Experience

    (official site)

    I went on the second day of the fair this year with my sister and Tyler (her b/f). It was a perfect day (partly cloudy, not too cold or hot) to be at the fair.

    Tyler and Thelma wait in the ETC Lot (Park and Ride)
    Walked behind one of the strange characters we'll be encountering throughout the fair.
    *we passed by Al Franken (former comedian from S.N.L. and running for U.S. Senate next year, who was by his booth talking to folks


    Thelma was the first to win a prize (car pillow from the movie "Cars"), which Tyler would play many many games until he finally won a NY Yankees baseball hat from the 2 pitch speed guessing game. I played this too, which I though the speed wasn't very accurate because I usually thrown 57-59 mph. The game registered me 47-49???

    Big over flow crowd in front of the KDWB Booth (across the street from the Haunted House) as we were trying get out and head home. The crowd was for "Fergie", who I really never heard of until I started to re"search"...
    "Stacy Ann Ferguson (born March 27, 1975), better known by her stage name Fergie, is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, and actress. She is a former member of the kids' TV series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid. Ferguson was also a co-host of the TV show Great Pretenders. She is currently a vocalist for the hip hop/pop group the Black Eyed Peas, as well as a solo artist, releasing her debut album, The Dutchess, in 2006."

    A pictures of Thelma and Tyler (most tired of all of us) after a 2 hour (3:30-5:30pm) time at the fair!

    2006 Experience w/Brett and my Mom

    It was Brett's first time riding a city bus, which he was anticipating as we parked by Energy Drive (ETC Building) with my mom. It was forecasted to rain all week, but the Lord stopped the weather predictions that tried to dampen or fun! It didn't rain until Saturday evening as the rain kept west of the fairground-from Morris to the west suburbs of Minneapolis-halleluah!

    One of the cool encounters I faced was meeting someone (at the International Bazaar-cultural village in the southeastern corner of the fairgounds) that knew a family that used to live in Morris. This family moved to Zambia around 2002.

    Brett checking out a window pain trimming display at the Dairy Building (good dairy products here!)

    Brett checking out the Butter Fly Display

    Butterflies up-close!

    Brett doing the "dance game" at the arcade

    Man dress in all gold except his silver watch (pointed out by Brett!)

    My mom posing in front of the Minnesota State Fair sign beside the Grandstand

    Brett and my Mom leaving the and heading towards the "Mighty Midway"

    Brett tried to take a picture at the "World of Wonders Palace of Illusions " inside the Big "Freak" Tent
    Related Articles:
    'Freak shows' back at the Fair Sword swallowers, fire eaters and snake charmers are just some of the acts this sideshow features in an attempt to 'bring the nostalgia back.'
    Pioneer Press
    "Step right up!
    And advances in modern medicine and science have made it more rare to find people with deformities that could make an act, Hall said. The few remaining human oddity stars now live in Gibsonton, Fla., also known as Showtown USA; Hall and the 76-year-old, 3-foot-11-inch fire eater Norbert Terhune, who travels with Hall's show, live there. This week, Hall interviewed actresses to play the parts of "freaks," such as Rubber Girl and Snake Girl.

    World of Wonders at Pennsylvania State Fair in 2005, from mundie
    "The World of Wonders didn't seem to be quite ready for business yet, so Kate and I strolled around the midway for a bit soaking in the atmosphere and distributing our patronage around to small attractions like the Giant Pig on view for a mere 50-cents (worth every penny). There was also the fair's free display of barnyard critters to check out, which is always amusing. By the time we made it back around, Ward was talking a free bally with a crowd in front of him. Little Pete "Poobah" Terhurne was eating fire in a long-practiced manner. Swords were swallowed, a pretty tattooed girl was trotted out."

    Mom playing the rolling the ball into a colored hole horse race game

    Monster Truck Rally - Minnesota State Fair - 8/30/06

    2005 Experience w/Cory

    Cory was very excited to ride a city bus for the first time to the fairgounds. We parked at the Roseville lot (County Rd. C/D and Snelling Avenue) after arriving early Friday morning from Morris. He spent a lot of time checking out cars...

    Cory signing up for a contest giveaway prize

    Checking out the wind-turbine display at the Science Expo or Eco Experience

    Cory playing legos at the Science Expo

    Cory observing one of many cars at the various car sales displays

    Cory up front during the "live" taping of the 12 noon news at the WCCO area

    Skit at a car dealership, which Cory was very fond of.

    Slide Show Highlights Of The Minnesota State Fair 2005

    A cool place to visit for "soul food" is the Cross Roads Chapel. It's a place to relax and take a break from the "chaos" at times you might encounter during a trip to the fair.

    Related Articles:
    Crossroads Chapel going strong after 50 years at Minnesota State Fair by Bryan Malley (August 2004) from Minnesota Christian Chronicle
    "When the chapel was started in 1954, the early ministry was nothing more than a tent erected each year where volunteers showed Christian films and held Sunday services. The first permanent building was built in 1962 and parts of that structure were used to build the current building in 1986. For many years, there was a varying degree of quality in the performances given at the chapel.
    Swanson said that it was KTIS that came alongside chapel directors and suggested that the organization should do something to increase the quality of performers. "I agree with that because we should be putting our best foot forward as Christians to spread the Gospel," shared Swanson.
    Following that suggestion, Crossroads Ministries decided to bring on Jim Prior as program director. Acts for the chapel's 52 open time slots are selected by Prior and a group of people that review the more than 300 applications received each year. Applicants send in a CD or video of their act.
    "Our mission is twofold. For those who are believers, Crossroads Chapel is a great place to rest a while and listen to Christian music or a speaker," Prior told the MCC last year. "For others that don't know Christ, it's an opportunity to hear about the Christian faith and help them in any way we can to become a follower of Jesus."

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    Space Tower
    Birds eye view of Minneapolis and St Paul 2007

    "Riding the Space Tower at the Minnesota State Fair 2007 "

  • My Pronto Pup, blog
  • Financial


  • Little Book—Big Savings! The 2011 Blue Ribbon Bargain Book has 100 of the best State Fair deals plus 25 MORE deals this year!,

  • " Blue Ribbon Bargain Books are available for purchase in advance at Cub Foods locations, at outlets in greater Minnesota and at the State Fair Box Office and online. Click here for details.
    During the fair, books may be purchased at State FairWear Gift Shops and State Fair Foundation Kiosks for $5. Books purchased during the fair support the mission of the State Fair Foundation.."


    *see Bible

  • Crossroads Chapel

  • " In 1954, the Crossroads Chapel was a simple tent set up to show ChristiaChapel 2jn films, hold Sunday services and serve refreshments to those who came in. In 1962 Crossroads Chapel moved to a permanent building and later KTIS radio began their Fair ministry as guests of the Crossroads Chapel. In 1986 Crossroads Chapel moved to its present location using some of the materials from the former building to remodel the present Quonset hut.
    The Crossroads Chapel has had a positive influence in the lives of people both young and old at the Minnesota State Fair. It all started with volunteers and today still is run mostly by volunteers. They donate their time to minister to the thousands who visit the chapel each year.



    => Country

    "Jesus, Take the Wheel"

    "Carrie Underwood live at the Minnesota State Fair August 31, 2010. So much emotion... loved it!!"

    => Pop
    Rebecca St. James

    "Story on recording artist Rebecca St. James and members of her band before a concert at the Minnesota State Fair in August 2003."

    => Rock

    Casting Crowns sings Love Them Like Jesus (live @ Minnesota State Fair)

    Give Me Jesus by Jeremy Camp

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