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{2008 Photo Gallery}

This year, I just went once, which I took my relatives (Uncle Ely and Aunt Helen) on Independence Day (Friday, July 4th of 2008). I went with my sister and mom too, which we met some of my other friends (Sean & Rene) at Harriet Island. This year, the crowd was again busy, but more "hyper" (lots of pushing and some disorder). It was a great evening for fireworks..

{2007 Photo Gallery}

I ended up going to the Taste of Minnesota (annual event during July 4th) three times this year...

Friday, June 29th of 2007

I went with my mom to watch a part of the fireworks. This was the first day of this 6-day event, so the fireworks didn't last that long. We thought it was going to start right at 10pm and then realize it wasn't suppose to start till 10:15pm. We waited and waited and it finally began a little past 10:20pm. It wasn't that dark outside this evening, which is probably why it started late.

Sunday, July 1st of 2007

My second time, I went with my sister and her boyfriend (Tyler-his artwork). We went around 8pm and kind of got bored early, so we didn't stay late for the firworks!

Wednesday, July 4th-Independence Day- of 2007

My last time and last day of this 6-day event, I went with my mom again-took along my Aunti Lita (from the Philippines).



Herman's Hermit's Concert

"Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits rocking the socks, old school style. He maybe like 58 but He put on a rocking show at the taste of Minnesota"



Boyz II Men at Taste of Minnesota

"The start of Boyz II Men's entertaining performance at Taste of Minnesota 2005.. They start off with "Motownphilly" Wow they really nailed that harmony, hah"

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  • Taste of Minnesota began a quarter of a century ago as a celebration of all things Minnesotan—local food, local businesses. Nowadays the festival has gone a bit more corporate—the food is less fare from great local restaurants and more of the kind of stuff you find at any of the festivals happening around town. Still, there's a certain charm to any big loud summertime festival. And for every mini-doughnut and chocolate-chip-cookie bucket, there's also a Falafel King gyro or BBQ from Rudolph's. Other potentially fun activities this year include free samples, wine tasting, competitions (last year the marshmallow-eating competition was terrifying), as well as tons of family-friendly activities and performances over at the KidZone Stage. Though the national music acts tend to be a little, um...tired (Village People, anyone?), interesting local acts such as Mint Condition on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. and Tapes 'n' Tapes Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. should help keep things cool before the fireworks round out the night. Free. 3:00 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. Friday, Monday, Tuesday; 1:00 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. For more info visit or call 651.772.9980. On the Mississippi across from downtown St. Paul." Through Wednesday, July 4 —Jessica Armbruster
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  • "The Taste of Minnesota is obviously taken from the Taste of Chicago, but from being at both I think they're both comparable. For those who've never been to both, the Taste of Minnesota is a week long outdoor event where the best resteraunts have booths where people can get food on the State Capitol grounds. There are free big name bands, shows, and fireworks everynight. The week is also centered around the 4th of July, and have some of the best fireworks on the 4th. Plan on spending a little money, but the food is worth it."

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